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My name is Jane, I am the owner of this beautiful house, my love affair with Greece and then the village of Kotroni started 7 years ago. I wanted like everyone to find my own piece of paradise.  When I first set eyes on this property, it was a very dilapidated overgrown old wreck, suffering from many years of neglect.  After the war in 1945, it had been used as a hippy commune, I have photographs of the writings and paintings that had been done by those who had stayed there.  It was fascinating and not the only house in the village that had been lived in by many people over time. 

I wanted to restore the house but sadly it collapsed when we began work, so it was on to plan B.   The terraces were built first, which took more than a year to complete, then came the house, which was built almost entirely from the original stone, we found many small outbuildings and walls buried in the ground.  Every piece of building material had to be transported by wheelbarrow, through the village, to the house. What a project it was! Finally, after 2 years it was complete and is now the fabulous house you can see in the photographs. 

The village of Kotroni is a wonderful place to live and I have enjoyed my life there tremendously. I will miss very much, the birdsong from outside my bedroom, first thing in the morning and the incredible sunsets from my terrace in the evening. If you decide to purchase my property I know you will not be disappointed.


Greekscape : Troupaki Str, Kardamili 24022,Tel: 0030 27210 73958 Messinias, Greece